Under the leaves

by Florence Lazar


The castle

by Martín Benchimol

PANORAMA selection - Berlinale 2023

The Art of Joy by Goliarda Sapienza: writing for emancipation

by Coralie MARTIN

Broadcast on Arte on January 2024

Sri Lankan nights

by Maylis Dartigue

In development


by Camille Apard, Julie Colly and Sylvia Zappi

TV Fiction Serie

Cruel tale of Bordeaux

by Claire Maugendre

The Origin of the world

by Borbála Nagy

In production

Vénus obsèques

by Johanna Caraire

In development

Récital pour un jeune majeur

by Selim Bentounes

In development

De brisa y de sol

by Chloé Lecci López


Les enfants vont bien

by Justine Harbonnier

In development

Une femme qui hurle

by Yaqian Zhang

En développement


by Johanna Caraire

Little Trouble Girls

by Urška Djukić

In development

My soul startled

by Syllas Tzoumerkas

In development

Should the wind drop

by Nora Martirosyan

Official Selection Cannes festival & Label ACID 2020

Le ciel

by Sebastien Jounel

In postproduction

The walls and the sky

by Claire Maugendre and Sébastien Jounel

In development

Her Job

by Nikos Labôt

Official selection TIFF 2018 - Toronto International Film Festival

Night Song

by Raphaël Nadjari

Paris – Yerevan

by Nora Martirosyan

The Night Before

by Jude Ratnam

In development

Global Diabetes

by Dorothée Frénot and Benoît Rossel, in collaboration with Xavier Sayanoff

ARTE broadcasting March 2nd

The democratic hypothesis – a basque story

by Thomas Lacoste

Release in 2022 (Distribution : Nour Films)

Caiti Blues

by Justine Harbonnier


My sweet land

by Sareen Hairabedian

In post-production

Brazza – chronicle of a wasteland

by Antoine Boutet

French release on January 24th 2024

Yes, I’m lucky

by Maylis Dartigue

Future tenses

by Christos Karakepelis

In development

Red Carpet

by Lucia Sanchez

Basque Country and freedom, a long road to peace

by Thomas Lacoste


I am not afraid of the night anymore

by Sarah Guillemet and Leïla Porcher

You Think The Earth Is a Dead Thing

by Florence Lazar

IDFA Official selection 2019 and Cinéma du Réel 2020


by Nicolas Jaoul

Marker Program

by Louise Traon

Demons in Paradise

by Jude Ratnam

Official selection, Cannes 2017

Youtube Life

by Anna Zisman

It’s time to take stock!

by Lucia Sanchez

Into Battle

by Eve Duchemin

Best Documentary Feature 2017 (Magritte)

No Nostalgia Comrades

by Isabelle Solas

Challat of Tunis

by Kaouther Ben Hania

ACID CANNES 2014 – Opening

South to North

by Antoine Boutet

Locarno Film Festival 2014 - Cinéastes du Présent Competition

Kamen – The stones

by Florence Lazar

Institut français - Louis Marcorelles Award, Cinéma du réel 2014

Dayana mini market

by Floriane Devigne

Our World

by Thomas Lacoste


by Mara Canobbio

Hanging in Time

by Isabelle Solas

The moon inside you

by Diana Fabianova

Vacation Time at the Farm !

by Anna Zisman

The Little Scrum

by Thomas Bardinet