A wailing Woman of the People

by Yaqian Zhang

Long métrage documentaire


In development
Directed by
Yaqian Zhang

Yaqian Zhang

Produced by
Sister Productions (France)
"A wailing Woman of the People" (in Chinese 这个女人一生没少折腾, meaning "this woman has had a life of glitches") is my mother, who lives in Jinan with my 83-year-old grandmother. One day, when I was confined in France 9,000 km from home, she called me in distress. Seeing these two women again was a violent shock: time was running out in the face of aging and illness. There was an urgency to gather their words on love, motherhood and work, and perhaps to get closer to these two "feminists of the people". In the meantime, I've become a filmmaker, so I'm back with my camera.