The democratic hypothesis – a basque story

by Thomas Lacoste

Documentary Feature Film


Release in 2022 (Distribution : Nour Films)
Directed by
Thomas Lacoste

Thomas Lacoste

Produced by
Sister Productions (France)
La Bande Passante (France)
Prima Luce
Gastibeltza Filmak
The Democratic Hypothesis - A Basque Story offers for the first time a perceptive account of the political egress from the last and oldest armed conflict in Western Europe.
Acteurs, victims and peace negotiators plunge us into the history of a people who, in the face of violence, were able to invent a new path and act on their own destiny.
Open to the world, when the Basque choose emancipation, they enlighten all the peoples and territories in struggle.
Festivals & awards
  • États généraux du film documentaire — (Lussas, France), 2021
  • Special screenings — Cinéma du Réel (Paris, France), 2022
  • 18ème Rencontres de Bordeaux, La classe ouvrière c’est pas du cinéma (Bordeaux, France), 2022
  • Ecran du Documentaire (Décines, France), 2022
  • Cinespaña Festival (Toulouse. France), 2022
  • The Documentary Month (Paris, France), 2022
  • Luberon Film Festival (Pertuis, France), 2022
  • 7e Quincena del cine hispanico (Redon, France), 2022
Région Nouvelle Aquitaine
Région Ile-de-France
Fondation Un Monde Pour Tous (Fondation de France)
Non Violence XXI
CNC - Avance sur recettes après réalisation
Distribution (France)
Nour Films
The democratic hypothesis – a basque story - Sister Productions