The walls and the sky

by Claire Maugendre and Sébastien Jounel

Fictional feature film

In development
Directed by
Claire Maugendre and Sébastien Jounel

Claire Maugendre
Sébastien Jounel

90'/ 1st movie
Produced by
Sister Productions (France)
Lucie, a young girl, pregnant up to her ears and on the verge of death, arrives one evening at the Sky bar, looking for a refuge. In this institution, run by Asma, poetry slams bring together precarious workers, bankers, homeless people, and activists who, in real life, would never have met... But Asma is riddled with debts and the bar risks closure. The loyal crew then decide to fight, each in their own way, to keep living the poetry which unites them.
Fonds Film Nouvelle Aquitaine