The Democratic Hypothesis – A Basque Story

by Thomas Lacoste

Documentary Feature Film


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Directed by
Thomas Lacoste

Thomas Lacoste

Produced by
Sister Productions (France)
La Bande Passante
The Democratic Hypothesis - A Basque Story offers for the first time a perceptive account of the political egress from the last and oldest armed conflict in Western Europe.
Acteurs, victims and peace negotiators plunge us into the history of a people who, in the face of violence, were able to invent a new path and act on their own destiny.
Open to the world, when the Basque choose emancipation, they enlighten all the peoples and territories in struggle.
Région Nouvelle Aquitaine
Région Ile-de-France
Fondation Un Monde Pour Tous (Fondation de France)
Non Violence XXI