The walls and the sky

by Claire Maugendre and Sébastien Jounel

Fictional feature film

In development
Directed by
Claire Maugendre and Sébastien Jounel

Claire Maugendre
Sébastien Jounel

90'/ 1st movie
Produced by
Sister Productions (France)
The film chronicles the birth and struggles of a family of poets over 10 years, united around a Bordeaux slam hall. In a working-class district of the city center, Mo, a learned Kabyle, struggles to keep his poet bar, Le Ciel, running. In 2008, he met his nugget: Champ ’, a brilliant poet who works at the factory, constantly on a razor's edge ... and watched over by his young half-sister, Billie. With these three, the sky slam scene knows its heyday: incandescent nights of poetry, where academics rub shoulders with homeless people, share couscous at 1 euro, before everyone returns to their daytime life. But the survival of the bar is threatened by the galloping gentrification of the city: municipal decisions, low blows from the new neighbors follow one another ... Mo, a poor manager, hides his debts. The family invents strategies of resistance. But, Heaven closes, and the poets disperse. Three years later, the former allies meet again and have a front row seat to get on the roundabouts and make their voices heard again.
Fonds Film Nouvelle Aquitaine