Green lights

by Sebastien Jounel

Fictional short film

In development
Directed by
Sebastien Jounel

Sebastien Jounel
Claire Maugendre

Produced by
Sister Productions (Fra,ce)
Bordeaux deserted by night. Only bicycle delivery men still roam the streets.
Among them is Champ ’, 40, a former local star of a Slam scene. His ex-wife, also a slammer, moves to settle with their daughter in another city. According to the rhymes that Champ mumbles on his bike and that he dedicates to his daughter, the beers that he knocks back, the memories of a bygone era resurfaces... That of a battle with his ex, then pregnant, of a broken promise made to their daughter ...
As the deliveries proceed, the night becomes hallucinatory and Champ ’promises himself, before dawn, to honor his word.
Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine - Aide à la production
Gironde - Aide à la production
TV7 Bordeaux
France 3 Nouvelle-Aquitaine