Sri Landaise

by Maylis Dartigue


En développement
Directed by
Maylis Dartigue

Maylis Dartigue

Produced by
Sister Productions (France)
I left a mother and a country when I was three weeks old; but it is only when I met them that I realised I missed them. I have built myself as if my adoption had made me win everything but lose nothing. And yet, I felt I was truly coming to life when I discovered my homeland and saw my mother's belly.
Today, I consciously choose to reinvent my identity, an identity lying between my two heritages, my two cultures: I believe that by learnig to be the daughter of all my parents, to belong to each of their stories, someday I will be able to emancipate myself to better write my own story. This film is the tale of this initiatiatory journey.
Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine
Département Charente-Maritime
TV7 - Conventions d'écriture
Fondation de France
FIPADOC et société SAYA
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