El Castillo

by Martín Benchimol

Documentary feature film


In development
Directed by
Martín Benchimol

Produced by
Sister Productions (France)
Gema Films (Argentine)
Heidi Fleisher (France)
After working as a domestic worker all her life, Justina (60) inherits a huge mansion in the middle of the Argentine pampas from her former employer. The only condition is that she never sells it.
While the house collapses and the farm animals are sold, Alexia, her daughter, prepares to return to the city.
The castle allows us to share the last months that mother and daughter spend together in a bittersweet fairy tale that offers promises of salvation, while both the protagonists and the audience wonder how far the absurdity of our class society can go.
Festivals & awards
  • LATAM Work in Progress in San Sebastian Film Festival (San Sebastián), 2022
CNC – Cinema du Monde
La Région Nouvelle Aquitaine